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Turkey’s poultry specialist


  • Technical and administrative consultancy services to hatcheries, breeders, commercial layers, commercial broilers, diagnostic laboratories  ,
  • “Chicken doctor certificate”  training program for veterinarians and veterinary technicians  ,
  • Theoretical and applied training programs for business personnel  ,
  • Training programs for company employees serving the sector  ,
  • Consultancy services in the official and technical establishment procedure  of the enterprises related to the sector  ,
  • Online training and consultancy services for wandering chickens, organic chickens and hobby breeders,
  • Online training for pigeon breeders,
  • Online training for ornamental bird producers and breeders,
  • Online training for turkey, goose and duck breeders,
  • Consultancy services such as “rural development project”, etc., in order to ensure that businesses that want to change, develop and move their businesses to a different location until 2023 in accordance with the animal welfare law, benefit from state support   .

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Online training in a personalized professional way given.


Personal professional online training is provided.


Personal professional online training is provided.

Online Education Support


Knowledge seminars

custom, business structure In training packages containing special recommendations according to; information about care, enlargement and health is provided. Dynamic training programs in question and answer nature are given in the form of forty-minute lessons. The person can choose the course according to his/her own deficiencies.

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